2019 Teacher of the Year:

Laura Chang

Sunset Lake Elementary
Subject Area
Elementary, Specialist/Interventionist
Grade Level
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
More about Laura Chang

Laura Chang is entering her nineteenth year of teaching at Sunset Lake Elementary in the Vicksburg Community Schools where she currently teaches math and reading to kindergarten through fifth grade learners in an intervention setting.

Previously, she has taught pre-K, first/second grade multi age, second grade, third grade and has worked as an instructional consultant and academic coach.  She serves as a mentor coach and district technology integration leader. She also teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in the Special Education and Literacy Studies department at Western Michigan University. In her free time, Chang enjoys reading, camping, and downhill skiing with her family.

Chang is looking forward to working with the other State Teachers of the Year to share strategies to meet the diverse needs of the learners across the nation. She is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic team of teachers who are invested in finding ways to impact student learning in a positive way.

She loves being a teacher because of the precious little learners who walk into her classroom each day. They inspire her daily with their hard work, their perseverance, and their joy for learning. Chang’s students also encourage her with their curiosity, excitement for learning and passion for accomplishing difficult tasks. Chang is so blessed to have a job in which every day is different, and is so fortunate to work in the fulfilling, life-changing career of teaching.

Chang holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Arts in Education from Western Michigan University.

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