How to Partner with the Council

CCSSO is interested in learning more about partnerships that align with our vision and mission. We consider partnerships on a case‐by‐case basis and ask all partnering entities to abide by a set of terms and conditions to ensure alignment with the organization’s mission and goals.

Prospective and current partners are subject to eligibility criteria to ensure partner organizations are aligned in their commitment to student achievement, value the trusted environment CCSSO fosters through its activities, and respect that the primary function of the state education agency is to serve the best interests of its students, schools and public. CCSSO strives to create a collegial, collaborative community through its events and programs, allowing our members and partners to network with peers, share expertise and best practices, and have an honest dialogue on key educational policy issues.

CCSSO structures its member and partner interactions to protect the integrity of its members, support CCSSO’s priorities, and ultimately strengthen the capacity of SEAs. As a result, partner organizations must refrain from engaging in solicitous, development, or lobbying activities at CCSSO events.

For questions about how to partner with CCSSO, please contact Derrick Reed, Senior Program Associate, Partner Relations. Derrick can be reached at or 202-336-7000.


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