Our work is guided by our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan Framework and anchored in our commitment to provide an equitable education for every student. By focusing on leading, connecting and influencing education at the national level, we at CCSSO will continue to support chiefs and their staff with the resources and services they need to craft a vision, unlock potential in their agencies and drive change to create equitable outcomes for all students.

Our core priorities throughout the next five years will be focused in three broad areas:

1.) Response and Recovery, including ongoing rapid response and assistance with recovery and improvement.

2.) Equity, Access and Critical Infrastructure, including work on comprehensive digital access, literacy and high-quality instructional materials and advancing the Leading for Equity Commitments.

3.) Modernizing the Education System, including new education delivery models, updated assessment models and state-of-the-art accountability and reporting.

Download CCSSO’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan Framework here.