2019 Teacher of the Year:

Joy Prescott

Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School
Subject Area
Elementary Math
Grade Level
More about Joy Prescott

The 2018 Glades County Teacher of the Year, Joy Prescott was selected  as the 2019 Florida Teacher of the Year to represent 74 school districts and more than 195,000 educators across the state.

Prescott is an excellent example of a teacher who exemplifies commitment, determination and the importance of being a lifelong learner. After 17 years as an elementary educator, Prescott continues to pursue professional development opportunities to  empower her students to develop the skills necessary to succeed academically and personally. She believes in order for students to be truly successful, she needs to challenge them cognitively and social emotionally. Inside the classroom, Joy sets high expectations for her students and provides them with  students the support and encouragement they need to meet and exceed them. 

Prescott has served as a fourth grade math teacher at Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School since 2014, where she has been commended for her dynamic teaching style; her ability to engage students through “out-of-the-box” activities; and her impeccable work ethic. 

As the school’s lead fourth grade teacher, she meets regularly with school leadership and colleagues to discuss strategies that have been successful, as well as ways they can  collaborate to improve every student’s educational experience. She also mentors new teachers, spends time after school tutoring struggling students and serves on committees that contribute to the overall school culture. 

Prescott believes that if she embraces the problems of today’s world and engages her students in the learning process, she can empower children to face challenges and become successful adults.

Prescott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University.

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