2019 Teacher of the Year:

Allison Townsend

Barnwell Elementary School
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More about Allison Townsend

As the 2019 Georgia Teacher of the Year, Allison Townsend passionately believes each child should have a voice in his or her learning. She is dedicated to helping teachers create transparent classroom environments where, together with their students, they can make connections and have an impact beyond the four walls of their classrooms.

Since graduating from Clemson University in 2012, Townsend has been a teacher in Fulton County Schools in Atlanta, Georgia. She has taught preK, 3rd, and 4th grades at Shakerag and Barnwell Elementary Schools. She inspires her students to grow beyond “engagement” to “ownership” by empowering them with a co-planning learning model she has created. Townsend is an advocate for transparency in education and  invites parents, teachers, and community members into her classroom. She also coaches teachers at her school, presents during  conferences, and uses Twitter as a window into her classroom. Her mission is to inspire students and teachers to take risks, connect with people from around the world, and smile along the way!

In her new role as 2019 Georgia Teacher of the Year, Townsend travels the state as an advocate for students and teachers to spread her message  about student ownership, transparency in education and the power of human connection. 

Townsend holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Clemson University.

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