First 100 Days as a Chief State School Officer

Building a Strong Foundation

Recognizing the distinct challenges facing chiefs early in their tenure, we consulted with a group of current and former chiefs to focus on the critical first few months of a chief’s tenure, which is undoubtedly an exciting—but incredibly demanding—time.

This guide relays advice from those who have stood in your shoes. We distilled chiefs’ reflections on their own first 100 days in office into key actions for you to consider, along with their tips and advice, and the insights and wisdom they have gained throughout their tenure. In your first days in office, you will confront seemingly endless requests for your time and attention, and may be overwhelmed with information, resources, meeting requests, and a burgeoning to-do list. This guide is intended to help you prioritize and focus your time and energy where your efforts can have the most impact during this critical time.

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