Professional Learning

  • November 2017

Innovation Lab Network (ILN)

ILN Description

The Innovation Lab Network (ILN) is a network of states that pilot, scale, and improve student-centered approaches to public education, including personalized, competency-based, anytime/anywhere learning.

  • April 2013

InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards

InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards 2011 Cover

These new model core teaching standards outline what all teachers across all content and grade levels should know and be able to do to be effective in today's learning contexts.

  • May 2013

Teaching to the Core

Teaching to the Core Cover

CCSSO and the Aspen Institute released a set of recommendations for forging coherence across common core and educator effectiveness.

  • March 2017

Principles in Practice

Principles in Practice Cover

State education chiefs across the country know that great teachers inspire, educate, and open doors of opportunity for children of all backgrounds. Achieving the aspiration of a great teacher in every classroom requires state leadership.