• November 2017

Transforming Educator Preparation

Transforming Educator Preparation Cover

Five years after the nation's state education chiefs committed to raising expectations and strengthening policies for teacher preparation, every state has taken action to ensure teachers are better prepared for our students.

  • December 2012

Our Responsibility, Our Promise

Our Responsibility, Our Promise Cover

This report is a call to action for chiefs and an invitation to our colleagues, especially members of NASBE and NGA who contributed to this report, and those in educator preparation and others interested in transforming entry into the education profession for teachers and principals to join us in

  • September 2016

Accountability in Teacher Preparation

Accountability in Teacher Preparation Cover

The Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP) is committed to supporting states in developing systems to collect, analyze and report on outcome data from educator preparation programs and helping states leverage their data systems to drive continuous improvement