• November 2018

States Leading: School Accountability


Continuously evaluating school performance and holding schools accountable for success is crucial to ensuring all students have access to a high-quality education that meets their needs.

  • December 2018

States Leading: The Best of 2018

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The States Leading campaign launched in February to spotlight innovative state policies and ideas that are improving education for all students.

  • December 2018

Improving Outcomes for Students

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Accountability and school improvement systems are key drivers of educational equity. These two systems are interconnected and designed to help close achievement gaps by identifying targeted support to struggling schools and student groups.

  • October 2018

Engaging Around State Report Cards

This guide gives special attention to engaging parents and families, the primary users of school-level report cards, but many of the engagement strategies included in this document are broadly applicable to all stakeholders.

  • July 2018

An Introduction to Accountability Implementation

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This brief presents a high-level conceptualization of how accountability and improvement systems are intended to work together and why SEAs should consider developing a validity argument for their accountability and improvement systems.

  • June 2018

Process, Not Project

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Process, Not Project – Case Study of Georgia, Illinois, and Virginia’s Efforts to Produce User-Friendly School Report Cards is a case study that describes the experience of three states in various stages of their school report card development.