CCSSO believes that it is critical each student has access to an effective teacher prepared to meet their needs. SEET aims to leverage teacher leadership expertise to provide teachers with high-quality professional learning that results in effective high-quality, standards-based instruction which meets the needs of each student. The content of this collaborative will be tailored to the needs of those who work on issues pertaining to teachers within their state education agencies, from professional learning and advancement to teacher voice and empowerment.


2019-2020 Goals:

-Gain exposure to research-based publications, case studies, current policy, and exemplary teacher advancement work to inform and strengthen state projects and initiatives;

-Share current practices and experiences and glean insights from peers in other states as well as national policy and content experts;

-Engage in solutions-generating events, activities, and practices to address barriers to success and bolster areas of strength;

-Design and implement an outcomes-based action plan aimed at developing, refreshing, streamlining, or otherwise improving systems impacting teachers;

-Explore problems of practice and receive guidance and recommendations from national experts, peers, researchers, and practitioners;

-Apply an equity lens to all conversations and activities and focus state efforts on equitably elevating diverse teacher voices to inform more effective policy and practice for all learners.


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