New Skills for Youth - Expanding Pathways to Success

image of NSFY tile

Today’s students need more than just strong academics to succeed in college, careers, and life. They need opportunities to build life skills and gain real-world experiences through work-based learning and internships.

That is why CCSSO has joined with JPMorgan Chase & Company, in partnership with Advance CTE and Education Strategy Group, to increase the number of kids who are prepared to compete in an evolving job market.

Through its New Skills for Youth Initiative, JPMorgan Chase has invested $35 million directly into states to support them in advancing career readiness for all students.

Through this Initiative, schools in states across the country will transform to provide both academic preparation and to open the path to college and technical and soft skills that can lead to well-paying and fulfilling careers.

Learn more about the New Skills for Youth Initiative and the important work underway in states today to advance career readiness in this video.


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