Introducing the 2018 State Teachers of the Year

Image of 2018 teachers

Each year, the National Teacher of the Year Program brings together State Teachers of the Year from all 50 states, DC, the Department of Defense Education Activities, and four US territories to participate in one-of-a-kind professional learning opportunities designed to hone communications skills, expand knowledge of education policy, and grow teaching and learning practices. The goal of this programming is to elevate the voices of teachers and ensure that teachers are leaders in state and national policy conversations. 

CCSSO is pleased to introduce the 2018 State Teachers of the Year. This year there are 31 high school teachers, 7 middle school teachers, and 17 elementary school teachers. These teachers cover a wide range of subject areas from English, math, science, and social studies to audio-visual, sign language, physical education and more. You can get to know these teachers better by checking out our interactive map.

Teaching isn’t always easy, but nothing worth merit ever is. There will always be days you want to throw in the towel, or give up, don’t. Somewhere, sitting in a classroom, is a kid who feels invisible; who may be considering dropping out, or something worse, but because you see him/her, in an unplanned moment, the seed is planted for that kid to one day become a catalyst for change.”
- Tara Bordeaux, 2018 Texas Teacher of the Year

The 2018 State Teachers of the Year are advocates for their students, colleagues, and communities. They are ready to bring their voices and expertise to conversations about education across the country. Corey Bulman (2018 Minnesota Teacher of the Year) summed up the sentiment of many of his fellow teachers by saying, “I am ready to be a happy warrior with a simple message: teaching matters.”

We invite you to follow the journey of the 2018 State Teachers of the Year by following #NTOY18 on all social media platforms. We will be announcing the four 2018 National Teacher of the Year finalists at the beginning of January, so stay tuned!

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