CCSSO is committed to ensuring every child, across all backgrounds, graduates ready for college, careers, and life. TILSA works to achieve this vision by working with its members to deliver valid and reliable assessment systems that inform student learning and provide equitable access and opportunity for diverse learners. TILSA's membership includes state assessment leaders with a wide focus on technical, practical, and policy issues and measurement specialists with deep technical knowledge of state- and district-level assessments. 

2019-2020 Goals:

-TILSA will continue to build the state leadership structure by rotating some new members onto the leadership team so they get a chance to learn from their more experienced colleagues and to infuse new ideas;

-TILSA will continue exploring the alternate assessment for English Language proficiency;

-TILSA will have a series of sessions on the things that TILSA members, as assessment leaders, can do to ensure that our tests are pointing out underlying equity challenges and not contribute to equity issues. 


For more information on the TILSA collaborative please see the document below:

Technical Issues in Large Scale Assessment (TILSA) Collaborative 2019-2020 Membership Information 


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