CCSSO is committed to ensuring every child, across all backgrounds, graduates ready for college, careers, and life. TILSA works to achieve this vision by working with its members to deliver valid and reliable assessment systems that inform student learning and provide equitable access and opportunity for diverse learners. TILSA’s membership includes assessment directors, assessment content staff, and technical assessment staff such as psychometricians or data people.


2018-2019 Goals:

-Learn from experts and researchers to better address pressing technical and practical issues states are facing in large-scale assessment.

-Offer opportunities for professional development guided by nationally recognized experts in design, measurement, and implementation of large-scale assessments. 

-Engage TILSA workgroups to lead and sponsor three strands of deliverables:

--Resources focusing on assessment literacy for state policymakers and cross-SCASS work on assessment literacy for educators and educational leaders.

--Supporting a resource addressing technical issues and their practical implications associated with shortened assessment design.

--Exploring support options for high quality development and evaluation of Requests for Proposals.

-Share trends and best practices by state teams and identify focused opportunities to engage in cross-state learning and collaboration.


For more information on the TILSA collaborative please see the document below:

Technical Issues in Large Scale Assessment (TILSA) Collaborative 2018-2019 Membership Information 


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