CCSSO believes that stronger connections across teacher and leader initiatives and instructional work with CCR standards will have increased impact and benefits for talent management systems, allow for more targeted professional development to support improved instruction for both teacher and leaders, and increase capacity for teachers and leaders to meet the needs of each student and improve learning. TLLC supports states as they implement specific programs that will address critical issues or a problem of practice that lead to ensuring each student has access to high quality instruction and teachers and leaders that can meet their needs.


The TLLC will use workgroups to support states. Each workgroup is committed to addressing these topics by focusing on content and practices that support implementing CCR standards, support teachers to improve practice, and elevate and support school leaders. 

The workgroups for the 2018-2019 membership year will be:

-Chief Academic Officer (CAO)/Chief Talent Office (CTO) Network

-Culturally Responsive Practices

-Increasing Instructional Capacity through Teach Leadership

-School Leadership Development and Support

-Supporting Students Below Grade Level


For more information on the TLLC please see the document below:

Teaching, Leading, & Learning Collaborative (TLLC) 2018-2019 Membership Information


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