Early Learning, Birth to 3

  • July 2019

Leveraging ESSA Plans in Preschool Development Grant Implementation

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In 2019, 46 states and territories are implementing Preschool Development Grants (PDGs), which will support states to do five broadly defined activities: 1. A Birth to Five Needs Assessment 2. A Birth to Five Strategic Plan 3. Maximizing Parent Knowledge and Choice 4. Sharing Best Practices 5.

  • June 2019

K-2 Assessments: An Update on State Adoption and Implementation

K-2 Assessments Cover

In an updated version of its 2016 report on a state scan of states’ status on K-2 assessments, ACT reported that states adapted to three changes of implementing K-2 assessments in local districts: (1) changes of teacher evaluations in ESSA; (2) federal funds fo

  • August 2018

States Leading: Implementing Early Childhood Ed

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A child’s early years are the foundation for future development. Families, caregivers, and teachers work together to help young children become confident, lifelong learners.