Early Learning, Birth to 3

  • August 2018

States Leading: Implementing Early Childhood Ed

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A child’s early years are the foundation for future development. Families, caregivers, and teachers work together to help young children become confident, lifelong learners.

  • April 2018

States Leading: Prioritizing ECE

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The preschool through third-grade years are foundational in a child’s journey toward lifelong learning. States recognize the immense impact high-quality early learning can have on a student’s educational trajectory, and they’re finding innovative ways to support this important t

  • 4.19.18

Mississippi Continues to be a Leader in Early Childhood Education

The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) recognized Mississippi in its latest report on pre-K quality as one of only five states whose publicly funded pre-K program meets nine of NIEER’s 10 new quality standards for early childhood education.

  • March 2018

States Leading: Early Childhood Education

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A child’s first years form the foundation for future learning and development. States have a critical role in providing children with access to high-quality early learning opportunities during the early years that can increase educational equity and have long-term benefits for children.

  • January 2018

Collaborative Meeting Dates

Collaborative Meeting Dates 2017-2018

The Collaborative Meeting dates for membership year 2017-2018 and membership year 2018-2019.