• June 2018

States Leading: Engaging Stakeholders

School books

Education impacts everyone—from families to employers to policymakers.

Each stakeholder has a unique and valuable perspective on what schools should look
like in their community—and states are working to create education systems that work
for all of them.

  • April 2018

States Leading: Student Centered Learning

image of student centered learning

Student-centered learning empowers students to be active participants in their own education. What
students learn, how they learn it, and how their learning is assessed are all driven by each individual
student’s needs and abilities.

  • December 2017

Advancing Equity through Personalized Learning - A Policy Brief

image of cover for advancing equity in personalized learning

Advancing Equity through Personalized Learning is intended to be a reference for state agencies of education interested in adopting and refining policies and practices to ensure access to personalized learning for students who have been historically underserved, such as English L

  • November 2017

Innovation Lab Network (ILN)

ILN Description

The Innovation Lab Network (ILN) is a network of states that pilot, scale, and improve student-centered approaches to public education, including personalized, competency-based, anytime/anywhere learning.

  • September 2017

Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered, Personalized Education

image of cover for leadership

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and Jobs for the Future (JFF) released Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered, Personalized Education, a resource that serves as a first step in identifying the knowledge, skills, and dispositions leaders must master in or

  • February 2013

Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions

Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions

ILN states have developed a shared framework for understanding college and career readiness (CCR). This framework focuses on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that have the greatest impact on student achievement and lifelong success.