• January 2018



  • March 2017

Principles in Practice

Principles in Practice Cover

State education chiefs across the country know that great teachers inspire, educate, and open doors of opportunity for children of all backgrounds. Achieving the aspiration of a great teacher in every classroom requires state leadership.

  • September 2015

Performance, Value, and Accountability

Performance Value & Accountability Cover

This resource addresses legal issues in the use of educator performance assessments as evidence for initial state licensure and for program approval and accountability in educator preparation programs.

  • March 2016

Critical Area Outline: Teacher and Leader Quality

Critical Area Outline - Teacher and Leader Quality page 1

Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), every state has the opportunity to analyze its current teacher and leader quality initiatives and use ESSA to ensure your education workforce can deliver on the state’s strategic vision and aspirations for the students this law is intended to serve.