CCCSO understands that new state standards are changing the paradigm of science education, and that states are playing a new role in supporting school systems implement complex, three-dimensional thinking in science.The Science collaborative is composed of Science Assessment staff within state education agencies.


2018-2019 Goals:

-Continue to provide members with access to experts in the field to share current research and support the implementation of college- and career-ready standards in science within states. 

-Supporting states in the design and implementation of a comprehensive assessment through the continued work of the following five state working groups: Phenomenological sense-making for the purpose of assessment; Infusing formative assessments into existing three-dimensional lessons using the, Science SCASS developed, Using Crosscutting Concepts to Prompt Student Responses primer; Evaluating evidence of student performance of 3-dimensional sense-making (Interim Task Items); Innovative Strategies for 2- and 3- Dimensional Summative Assessments; Large Scale Assessment in Science: Reporting and Operational Items.


For more information on the Science collaborative please see the documents below:

Science Collaborative 2018-2019 Membership Information

Framework for K-12 Science Education


Please find the meeting dates for the 2018-2019 membership year here.

For general inquiries related to membership in a collaborative please email Adam Petermann, or call 202-336-7076.


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