CCSSO believes that each student deserves strong and responsive school and district leadership who prioritize the needs of a diverse population of students. Through membership to the School Leadership Development and Supports Collaborative participants will be able to leverage the expertise of their peers and leaders in the field to further their state’s priorities and goals.


2019-2020 Goals:

-Through a series of in-person and digital convenings, and Member Hub prompted engagement, states will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers, seek feedback, and engage professional learning led by experts in the field;

-States will have the opportunity to develop and implement a state-specific plan of action informed by support from national experts, peers and researchers;

-The SLDS Collaborative strives to foster transparency among participants and encourages honest and open dialogue about experiences that include challenges, successes, lessons learned, and plans for continuous improvement;

-The SLDS Collaborative will continue to align the development and student improvement achievement efforts of school leaders with CCSSO’s Leading for Equity Commitments and the national standards (PSEL and NELP), as well as assist state participants in the development of culturally responsive school leadership practices that are befitting for their state’s goal for public education.


For more information on the SLDS collaborative please see the documents below:

School Leadership Development and Supports (SLDS) Collaborative 2019-2020 Membership Information

September 2018 School Leadership Priorities and Programs in Thirteen State Education Agencies

Building Pipelines to Develop Effective School Principals

Sustaining a Principal Pipeline

Leader Tracking Systems: Turning Data Into Information for School Leadership

Principal Pipelines: A Feasible, Affordable, and Effective Way for Districts to Improve Schools



For general inquiries related to membership in a collaborative please email Adam Petermann, or call at 202-336-7076.


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