CCSSO is committed to helping states as they support school and district leaders to continuously improve schools. SDI strives to achieve this goal by working with states to develop systems of school improvement that focus on the roles districts play in improving every school. The focus of this collaborative is on learning about new research-based strategies, engaging with experts in the field, and working together across states to address shared problems. State members who join the SDI group includes school improvement leads, Title I directors, school leadership, deputy superintendents, associate superintendents, and principal supervisors.


2018-2019 Goals:

-Support states in utilizing the CCSSO School Improvement Principles as they begin implementation of their state ESSA plans in support of the lowest performing schools including, but not limited to:

--Maximizing Family and Community engagement as a key lever for school improvement (Principle 3) through collaborating with Community Schools and the Flamboyan Foundation.

--Identifying and Operationalizing School Transformation into Strategy (Principles 4 & 5). We will examine high school redesign with Bob Balfanz from Everyone Graduates Center and The Institute for Student Achievement and other partners to be determined.

--Continuing to work through ESSA implementation(Principle 4), focusing on state identified areas of need including: refining exit criteria, data driven decision making  and identifying and implementing support models for technical assistance.

--Examining student group support (Principle 2) strategies particularly in the areas of: Literacy, Mathematics, English Language Learners and Social Emotional Learning/Multi-Tiered Supports for Students.


For more information on the SDI collaborative please see the documents below:

School and District Improvement (SDI) Collaborative 2018-2019 Membership Information

CCSSO Principles of Effective School Improvement Systems

Roadmap to the Principles of Effective School Improvement Systems

Deep Dive into Principle 1 of Principles of Effective School Improvement Systems

Deep Dive into Principle 2 of Principles of Effective School Improvement Systems


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