CCSSO is committed to helping states as they support school and district leaders to continuously improve schools. SDI strives to achieve this goal by working with states to develop systems of school improvement that focus on the roles districts play in improving every school. 


2019-2020 Goals:

-Develop a paper on the intersection of Equity, Evidence-Based Practices, and School Improvement;

-State members will develop 1-2 strategic goals specifically related to advancing equity in their states;

-Produce a resource on more rigorous options that states will use to support districts in providing the supports needed to schools who are not improving;

-Collaborate with experts to set goals for their state school improvement efforts with an explicit focus on support for CSI and TSI identified schools and identifying more rigorous options for schools that do  not demonstrate improvement;

-Identify opportunities to advance equity and planning for state implementation to support improvement in schools identified as in need of comprehensive or targeted support.


For more information on the SDI collaborative please see the documents below:

School and District Improvement (SDI) Collaborative 2019-2020 Membership Information

CCSSO Principles of Effective School Improvement Systems

Roadmap to the Principles of Effective School Improvement Systems


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