A Vision and Guidance for a Diverse and Learner-Ready Teacher Workforce

DLRT report cover

The lack of a racially diverse teacher workforce is one of the most critical equity issues of our time. If we are to ensure every student, across every race, ethnicity, language, family background, and/or family income, has access to the educational resources and rigor they need at the right moment in their education,9 we must meaningfully and significantly increase racial diversity in the teacher workforce. CCSSO is working with state education agency leaders to do just this, with the goal that by 2025 at least 15 states will have evidence of increased racial diversity in their teacher workforce and proof-points that all teachers demonstrate culturally responsive practice.

Change has begun in many states where critical stakeholders in policy and practice arenas have been galvanized into action. As the diversity of students in our nation’s schools increases exponentially, the current pace of change in the teacher workforce lags too far behind. This report is a call to action by state chiefs, and leaders from educator preparation providers (EPPs), local education agencies (LEAs), legislatures, unions, and civic and community groups. Leading for equity requires we prioritize our commitment to students and ensure they have access to diverse and learner-ready teachers.

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