States' Continued Commitment to Next-Generation Accountability Systems

Description of leading accountability principles

Image of title page: States' Continued Commitment to Next-Generation Accountability Systems

In 2011, CCSSO, on behalf of the states, released a vision for accountability as laid out in nine accountability principles (the Principles). These Principles were intended to serve as the framework for advancing state accountability systems beyond the limitations of NCLB.

While our understanding of effective practices in accountability evolves, these Principles continue to serve as an important framework for our vision for accountability systems. States remain committed to these Principles and will continue to design and implement systems that align to this framework. In doing so, it is critical to strike the balance between holding onto the fundamental purpose of accountability to ensure equity while allowing for flexibility in how we accomplish that goal.

The Principles start at the beginning, with a focus on setting goals, and move through the key considerations for a state in developing an accountability system, including the supports and interventions that can be provided to schools and districts.

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