Reimagining Title II-A

A Resource for Creating and Improving State Plans and Working with LEAs

Reimagining Title IIA Title Page

This toolkit focuses on Title II[1]. Its seven steps will help state education agencies (SEAs) develop, refine, and evaluate their Title II-A plans before their submission to the federal government in 2017:

  • Part I: Plan Pre-Work
    • Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the nuts and bolts of Title II-A
    • Step 2: Conduct a self-assessment of current policies and spending
  • Part II: Draft the Plan
    • Step 3: Develop or refine your state’s vision and goals for education
    • Step 4: Engage stakeholders
    • Step 5: Determine the strategies to achieve your state’s goals
    • Step 6: Determine how LEA applications and guidance complement the state’s strategy
    • Step 7: Develop a strategy to monitor implementation and continue engaging stakeholders

The toolkit will help SEAs understand the key requirements of the new law, show them how equity can be threaded throughout the plan and guide them through the development of policies that attract, prepare, develop and retain effective teachers and school leaders. Guiding questions throughout the document facilitate movement through the seven steps.

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