Open Educational Resources 101

A Quick Introduction to OER

These organizations provide helpful introductions to OER:

  • OER FAQ Guide for K-12 Educators [LINK]
  • Hewlett Foundation OER page [LINK]
  • Creative Commons list of OER definitions [LINK]
  • Wikipedia page on OER [LINK]

#GoOpen Campaign

#GoOpen is a campaign launched by the Department of Education to encourage states, school districts, and educators to use openly licensed resources. The goal of the campaign is to provide all students with high quality educational resources.

  • #GoOpen Campaign [LINK]
  • Information for #GoOpen districts [LINK]
  • Information for #GoOpen states [LINK]

Open Licenses

The engine that runs OER is open licensing. Traditionally, materials are copyrighted by default when they are created. In order for a material to be openly licensed, the creator(s) have to designate it as open and could use a Creative Commons license to do so.

  • Creative Commons introduction [LINK]
  • Creative Commons guide to the licenses [LINK]

Finding OER Resources

There are several platforms/repositories that exists to help teachers and schools find and access openly licensed resources. Search features in Google and YouTube also provide ways to search for openly licensed materials.

  • OER Commons [LINK
  • Amazon Inspire [LINK
  • Edmodo Spotlight [LINK
  • Creative Commons Search [LINK
  • Microsoft Open Educational Search App [LINK]
  • Google open search [LINK]
  • YouTube open search [LINK]

OER Implementation Examples/Stories

Several organizations research OER implementations and publish case studies and resources about OER in schools, OER in classrooms, and about OER policy. Below is a list of some of those organizations and resources.

  • CCSSO Case Studies and Resources [LINK]
  • SETDA Guide to Quality Instructional Materials [LINK]
  • Department of Education OER stories [LINK]
  • iNACOL Report on OER Policy [PDF]

OER Academic Research

The Open Education Group is a research group focused on building a deeper understanding of OER. They publish a running review of the literature on Open Educational Resources in K-12 and higher education.

  • Open Education Group review [LINK]




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