Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards

Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards 2015 Report Image

The eight 2015 Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards are the first-ever standards developed for supervisors of school principals and are voluntary. They are designed for state education agencies and local school districts to help recruit, select, support and evaluate supervisors of principals. States and districts likely will adapt them to local needs. 

Traditionally, those who supervise principals - typically central office managers within a school district - have focused on ensuring that school principals comply with local policies and state regulations. That compliance role is changing as recent research suggests that principal supervisors can positively affect student results by helping principals grow as instructional leaders. The new principal supervisor standards note that, with the right training and support, principal supervisors can assess and evaluate principals' current leadership practices and identify professional learning opportunities likely to improve the quality of teaching, learning and student achievement. They also can ensure that the principals' work and vision aligns with district goals, and that the central office effectively supports school leaders, schools and student success.

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