Measuring What Matters

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This resource was developed by members of CCSSO’s Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP). The network, launched in 2012, consists of 15 states working to transform educator preparation. Anchored in CCSSO’s taskforce report Our Responsibility, Our Promise, states in NTEP focused on ensuring all new teachers prepared in their states are “learner-ready” on day one by leveraging the authority they have over educator preparation program approval; licensure systems; and data collection, analysis, and reporting. In 2017, network members organized into three action groups to focus on developing tools and resources for states in specific areas to continue this work past the life of NTEP, One action group focused on developing and building outcomes-oriented data systems for their educator preparation programs (EPPs) designed to:

- Report program performance back to EPPs to promote continuous improvement
- Publicly report on EPPs to increase transparency of EPP performance
- Review EPP performance for accountability purposes (e.g., to make program approval or
renewal decisions)

The indicators states collect to determine teacher preparation program performance draw from a variety of measures that examine both the inputs and outputs of EPPs in order to ascertain the quality of EPPs and to support their continued improvement. In sum, the work to create, maintain, and scale data systems for EPPs, while providing essential data to drive efforts to improve educator preparation within states, can be cumbersome.

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