CCSSO Recommended Guidance on Student Walkouts

This resource is recommended guidance that state education agencies can use and share with local education agencies regarding possible student walkouts to protest an issue. This guidance was developed at the request of state education agencies in light of plans some students across the country have made to organize walkouts on March 14, March 24 and April 20 in protest of gun violence; however, these recommendations are broad and could be applied to student walkouts in protest of any issue.


Our overall goal through this guidance is to equip state education agencies with tools and resources to support local schools and districts to handle student walkouts in a positive way and use these efforts as teachable moments for the students, staff and surrounding community.


In crafting these recommendations, CCSSO sought input from organizations representing local education agencies, educators who have personal experience with student walkouts, and representatives in state education agencies. We want to especially thank the Council of the Great City Schools, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for sharing the guidance it provided to schools, and 2017 National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee for her input and feedback.

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