CCSSO Partners

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CCSSO welcomes the opportunity to work with business partners that help the Council fulfill its mission, which is to ensure that all students participating in our public education system -- regardless of background -- graduate prepared for college, careers, and life.

Prospective and current business partners are subject to eligibility criteria to ensure that partner organizations are aligned in their commitment to student achievement, value the trusted environment CCSSO fosters through its activities, and respect that the primary function of the state education agency at all times is to serve the best interests of its students, schools and public. CCSSO strives to create a collegial, collaborative community through its events and programs allowing our members and partners to network with peers, share expertise and best practices, and have honest dialogue on key educational policy issues. To ensure that all member and partner interactions are structured to protect the integrity of the Council and its members, support the CCSSO’s priorities, and ultimately strengthen the capacity of state education agencies, partner organizations must refrain from engaging in solicitous, development, or lobbying activities at CCSSO events.

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