Accountability Systems and Reporting (ASR) Collaborative 2018-2019 Membership Information

ASR 2018-2019 Collaborative Membership Information

The Accountability Systems and Reporting (ASR) collaborative works to identify, develop, and share strategies that improve the effectiveness and technical quality of education accountability systems.  ASR also works to develop and disseminate best practices related to data management and reporting. Beyond working with states to help clarify and comply with technical and reporting requirements, the ASR collaborative actively cultivates promising practices to promote innovation.  

ASR hosts three in-person meetings per program year supplemented by online webinars, resources, and tools that sustain and extend the work. State members who join ASR include accountability directors and data analysts. ASR is working on topics such as: exploring models for coherent federal, state, and local accountability systems, developing guidance to assist states in producing efficient and precise processes for system implementation, and creating strategies for improving the clarity and utility of accountability outcomes to promote student achievement. 

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