Margaret Reed Millar
"I began working at CCSSO in 2009 after teaching high school students. I was hired to work as an Associate on the Standards, Assessment, and Accountability team, and since May 2013 I have served as the Director of Member Services and Outreach. I love working at CCSSO and consider myself so fortunate to work at an organization with talented, bright, goal-oriented and kind people who share my passion for improving the educational outcomes of kids of all backgrounds. In three different positions over the last seven years I have been able to travel the country and play a role in substantive education policy conversations in states and nationally that have a direct impact on improving student learning. On top of loving the work I do, I genuinely love the people I work with. I count many of my colleagues as close friends and deeply appreciate the collaborative and positive culture of the organization."
Director, Membership and Outreach