Paul Ferrari
"I’ve worked at CCSSO since 2007 (going on 9 years). I was hired as a Communications Associate and am now the Director of Educator Engagement & Outreach. My job titles have included: Communications Associate, Online Communications Manager, Communications Manager, Director of College and Career Ready Engagement, Director of Educator Engagement & Outreach. What I enjoy most about working at CCSSO is I believe in CCSSO’s mission and vision, and appreciate how the organization works together to achieve these goals. CCSSO empowers its staff and trusts them to lead meaningful work. The culture here has enabled me to focus on personal and professional improvement. My journey at CCSSO has taken me across the country, allowed me to interact with leading minds in education policy, and offered me opportunities to work on exciting projects that make a difference in the lives of teachers and students."
Senior Program Director