CCSSO believes that it is incumbent on states to set high expectations for student success by creating opportunities and removing barriers. The Math Collaborative is working towards this vision by leveraging its state members’ collective expertise to support effective implementation of college- and career-ready math standards as part of coherent instructional systems. State members who join the Math group include Mathematics Directors, State Supervisors of Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics Specialists, Director of Assessment Development, and Elementary Mathematics Specialists.


2019-2020 Goals:

-Work with experts and researchers in the field as well as other state teams to identify and understand current research, tools, and frameworks that inform and reframe our thinking about policy, practice and ultimately action related to implementation of coherent instructional systems with an emphasis on resources designed to address longstanding inequitable practices in mathematics education; 

-Offer opportunities to deeply explore root causes of some of the systemic issues that work as barriers against the idea that mathematics is a subject for all students, barriers that disproportionately affect students from underrepresented, vulnerable and at-risk communities;

-Using the Leading for Equity report as an anchor, Math Collaborative participants will work to better understand the implications of state policies and practices in mathematics education from those most directly impacted by them.


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