To be successful, every student must experience high-quality instruction in their classrooms, and teachers need the support to have access to these high-quality instructional materials. To achieve this goal, FAST works to ensure that states are able to provide teachers with high-quality professional learning that results in effective high-quality, standards-based instruction which meets the needs of each and every student. State members are state directors who have responsibility for formative assessment, whether through professional learning, curriculum development and/or assessment. 


2019-2020 Goals:

-Enhance expertise in formative assessment by engaging in collaborative conversations with state members, and learning from experts and researchers in formative assessment;

-Continuing the systems thinking around scaling up and explore the development of a case study that focuses on issues of scaling;

-Expand the case study resources of formative assessment implementation from expert practitioners for members to use in state-led professional learning on formative assessment;

-Explore the ways in which state members can support state, district and school-level leaders work with teachers around the ideas of funds of knowledge and funds of identify and how they intersect with formative assessment to more fully address the learning needs of individual students within each state. 


For more information on the FAST collaborative please see the documents below:

Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers (FAST) Collaborative 2019-2020 Membership Information

Revising the Definition of Formative Assessment

An Integrated Approach to Defining a System-Level Theory of Action for Formative Assessment


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