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Grow Your Own programs have captured the attention of educator talent offices across the country as an effective way to increase the racial diversity of the educator workforce. These programs are promising in large part because they provide candidates of color who are likely to stay in the classroom and can engage in culturally responsive practices to support their students.

In addition to these promising programs, there are similar high-retention pathways to teaching that attract high-quality candidates of color using similar practices to train and retain future educators of color. For states and districts, these pathways and the practices they have utilized can offer key, replicable insights to support efforts create a more racially diverse and learner-ready teaching workforce.

Learn more about these pathways by viewing the recorded webinar or downloaded the presentation from the link above from the August 30, 2018 webinar titled Fixing the Leaky Pipeline: High-Retention Pathways Towards Racial Diversity webinar, the second in the Diverse and Learner-Ready Teachers Best Practices Webinar Series. Tara Kini, Director of State Policy at the Learning Policy Institute (LPI), and Tamara Azar from the National Center on Teacher Residencies (NCTR) will be joined by Alexandra Manuel, Executive Director of the Professional Educator Standards Board in Washington, to share some of the best practices in this space.

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