CCSSO is committed to ensuring every child, across all backgrounds, graduates ready for college, careers, and life. EL is working toward this vision by collaborating with states to find solutions that provide equitable access to rigorous courses, high-quality instructional resources, and appropriate supports to English learners (EL) students so they are able to meet college- and career-ready standards. State members who join the EL collaborative include Title III directors and key state staff who are responsible for providing services to English learners.


2018-2019 Goals:

-Continue work on ongoing projects: English Learners in new Title I accountability models; supporting recently arrived English learners; improving inclusion of EL-serving practices in teacher observation/evaluation systems; guidance to identify and support English learners with disabilities; understanding the fluid dynamics of immigration policy and the role of state and local educators; and implementation of ESSA Title III requirements on standardized statewide entry and exit criteria. 

-States will share models of teacher licensing related to content instruction for ELs, English language development, certification for bilingual instruction, and use of different funding streams to support states and districts addressing the shortage in high quality teachers who can work with ELs. 

-CCSSO is supporting the creation of a Framework for Exiting ELs with Disabilities from EL Status, which will be a resource for states working with ELs with disabilities and act as a foundation document for future studies.

-States will have an opportunity to focus on state collaborative teams that include Title I, Title III, and students with disabilities experts. This work can create a classification of how different state practices can be captured, ways to systematize and improve collaboration practices, and how state staff can document and examine effectiveness of the improved collaboration. 

-Examine opportunities to connect and improve student high school- to- college transition processes. Identify how different states are supporting districts in addressing this problem, and how innovation and effectiveness can be documented and understood through research. 

-The EL states will work closely with Martha Thurlow (NCEO) and Edynn Sato to create a CCSSO supported resource, titled ELP Standards for ELs with significant cognitive disabilities.


For more information on the EL collaborative please see the documents below:

English Learner (EL) Collaborative 2018-2019 Membership Information

CCSSO English Learners with Disabilities Guide

InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards


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