CCSSO is committed to ensuring every child, across all backgrounds, graduates ready for college, careers, and life. EL is working toward this vision by collaborating with states to find solutions that provide equitable access to rigorous courses, high-quality instructional resources, and appropriate supports to English learners (EL) students so they are able to meet college- and career-ready standards. State members who join the EL collaborative include Title III directors and key state staff who are responsible for providing services to English learners.


2019-2020 Goals:

-Review an analysis of approved state ESSA plans with respect to key parameters for ELs identified in ESSA, and subsequently engage in a forward-looking discussion on what can be learned from the variation in the ESSA plans;

-Work through a series of activities that will help the group identify specific challenges being experienced in rural districts or districts with a small number of English learners. These findings will help identify needed resources and implementation steps;

-Address the teacher shortage encountered in many states, particularly a shortage in highly qualified teachers to work with English learners;

-Collaborate with experts to discuss pipelines for supporting English learners on their path to college.


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English Learner (EL) Collaborative 2019-2020 Membership Information


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