A primary objective for EIMAC is to promote and facilitate cross- and in-state collaboration between state technology and data leaders, philanthropic funders, partner organizations, vendors, and other thought partners. The EIMAC convenings create opportunities to learn from and share best practices and to harness the collective influence and synergy of the education technology and data communities. The EIMAC membership includes state education agency (SEA) technology and data leaders, as well as organizational and industry partners. 


2018-2019 Goals:

-Launch the Data Lead Network. This network will focus on data use and will be designed for the SEA staff responsible for public reporting, accountability data, and state report cards. 

-Launch a State Education Interoperability initiative with a goal of enhancing the state education technology ecosystem to strategically connect and improve interoperability between education systems, technology, and data.


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Education Information Management Advisory Collaborative (EIMAC) 2018-2019 Membership Information


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