CCSSO is committed to supporting each state's role in creating the structures and supports that help students enter kindergarten ready to learn and ultimately graduate high school ready for college, careers, and life. ECE's focus on ensuring students have access to high-quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood education that prepares them for pre-K and elementary school displays CCSSO's commitment to students on every step of their journey to be successful in school. State members who join the ECE collaborative include early childhood or education directors and specialists. 


2018-2019 Goals:

-Continued support to states in implementing early learning strategies as part of the ESSA implementation, namely by integrating early learning into school improvement and supporting early childhood educators. 

-State teams will be able to focus their work on early learning indicators impacting the well-being of young learners such as chronic absenteeism and K-2 assessment to support high quality instruction. 


For more information on the ECE collaborative please see the documents below:

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Collaborative 2018-2019 Membership Information

Equity Starts Early


Please find the collaborative meeting dates for the 2018-2019 membership year here.

For general inquiries related to membership in a collaborative please email Adam Petermann, or call 202-336-7076.


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