The Diverse and Learner-Ready Teachers Best Practices Webinar Series is a showcase of evidence-based, best practices from researchers and practitioners across the country to improve the racial diversity of the teacher workforce and ensure that teachers engage in practices that are culturally responsive to students and communities.

The series will feature the nation’s leading researchers and practitioners on a variety of topics including effective uses of data, high-retention models to increase racial diversity, and lessons in stakeholder engagement.

The next webinar in this series will be March 29, 2019 at 11:00 am ET, spotlighting promising efforts in Illinois, and featuring a presentation New America about the current landscape of culturally responsive teaching practice. Register here to attend this event. More details to come soon.


Prior recordings and slide decks for the Diverse and Learner-Ready Teachers Best Practices Webinar Series

Preparing a Diverse Teacher Workforce in Mississippi: A Multi-Dimensional Approach (February 2019)

What’s in the Data? Using an Equity Lens to Collect Racial Workforce Data (September 2018)

What’s in the Data? Using Workforce Data to Address Diversity Gaps (September 2018)

Fixing the Leaky Pipeline: High-Retention Pathways Towards Racial Diversity (August 2018)

Are School Leaders the Gamechangers? Using School Leaders to Build a Diverse Teacher Workforce (July 2018)