CCSSO is committed to helping states create multiple pathways for each student to successfully transition into, through, and beyond the K-12 system. CRC pushes this work forward by supporting states to provide students access to high-quality career pathways and opportunities that culminate in a credential, degree, or set of knowledge/skills that are highly-valued by the labor market. 

2019-2020 Goals:

-Form 2-3 workgroups on timely, high-priority topics to states in career readiness, all with the through line of providing all students equitable access, participation and completion in high-quality career pathways;

-Work to define high-demand, high-skill career pathways and develop an actionable plan to disaggregate access, completion and competency data across demographic groups; including a plan to mitigate areas of inequity;

-Work with partners and national experts to develop concrete recommendations for strategy, policy, and program to develop and sustain stronger, more seamless career pathways for students;

-Continue to implement tried and true successes, while also identifying areas of opportunity to push the field. 


For more information about the Career Readiness Collaborative please see the documents below:

Career Readiness Collaborative (CRC) 2019-2020 Membership Information

Opportunities and Options: Making Career Preparation Work for Students

Destination Known: Valuing College AND Career Readiness in State Accountability Systems

New Skills for Youth State Success Stories




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