CCSSO is committed to helping states create multiple pathways for each student to successfully transition into, through, and beyond the K-12 system. CRC pushes this work forward by supporting states to provide students access to high-quality career pathways and opportunities that culminate in a credential, degree, or set of knowledge/skills that are highly-valued by the labor market. CCSSO's state member will select members of the team to participate in the collaborative. 

2018-2019 Goals:

-Learn from experts in the field and other states to better connect state education agency (SEA) efforts to expand opportunities and options for students upon completion of secondary school, across states and across sectors within their state;

-Create and formalize cross-sector state teams including representation from K-12, postsecondary, industry and other partners;

-Complete a state needs assessment, if one has not already been conducted, to gauge across sectors the current career readiness plans based on the needs assessment;

-Refine the state's career readiness plans based on the needs assessment;

-Integrate specific equity goals and strategies to increase access and completion of high-quality career pathways by historically underserved and underrepresented students;

-Share trends and best practices among states in the CRC.


For more information about the Career Readiness Collaborative please see the documents below:

Career Readiness Collaborative (CRC) 2018-2019 Membership Information

Opportunities and Options: Making Career Preparation Work for Students

Destination Known: Valuing College AND Career Readiness in State Accountability Systems

New Skills for Youth State Success Stories


*Please note: states involved in CCSSO's New Skills forYouth initiative will be invited to participate in the program year beginning in July 2019, when the work of the CRC will shift from assessing needs and strategic planning, to focused work groups on key career readiness topics. 

Please find the collaborative meeting dates for the membership year here.

For general inquiries related to membership in a collaborative please email Adam Petermann, or call 202-336-7076.


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