CCSSO is committed to ensuring every child, across all backgrounds, graduates ready for college, careers, and life. ASES is working toward this vision by bringing states together with experts to find solutions, share best practices and create resources so states can make sure students with disabilities have access to the resources and supports they need to succeed and graduate. State members who join ASES include special education directors, special education staff, and assessment staff who are responsible for alternate assessments. 


2018-2019 Goals:

-Identify standards and develop resources supporting the alternate English language proficiency assessments in collaboration with the English Learner (EL) collaborative and other partners.

-Develop Issue Briefs on:

-Growth modeling and alternate assessments linked to alternate achievement standards. (AA-AAS)

-Technology enhanced assessments and accessibility considerations

-Refine professional development resources addressing formative assessment and students with disabilities, including those with significant cognitive disabilities in collaboration with Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers collaborative.

-Explore and initiate collaborative work with partners addressing college and career readiness including students with disabilities.

-Share updates from national partners including the U.S. Department of Education, industry partners, assessment consortia representatives, and funded research projects (e.g., Enhanced Assessment Grants, Institute for Educational Sciences projects).

-Share trends, evidence-based practices, and research by state and industry partners.


For more information on the ASES collaborative please see the documents below:

Assessing Special Education Students (ASES) Collaborative 2018-2019 Membership Information

Formative Assessment for Students with Disabilities

How to Select, Administer, and Evaluate Use of Accessibility Supports for Instruction and Assessment of All Students 

Please find the collaborative meeting dates for the 2018-2019 membership year here.

For general inquiries related to membership in a collaborative please email Adam Petermann, or call 202-336-7076.


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