• May 2018

Engaging Around State Accountability Systems

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 provides each state with the opportunity to develop or refine their own state-specific strategic vision for education.

  • March 2018

A School Finder to Empower

Image of the front cover of the case study with the online portal's image

This document, A School Finder to Empower: Case Study of Louisiana’s New School Report Card, shows how one state went from theory to action in the development and implementation of a new report card system.

  • January 2018

Collaborative Meeting Dates

Collaborative Meeting Dates 2017-2018

The Collaborative Meeting dates for membership year 2017-2018 and membership year 2018-2019.

  • September 2017

Setting Goals in School Accountability Systems: A Focus on ESSA

Image of title page: Setting Goals in School Accountability Systems

This paper discusses challenges with setting appropriate goals that are ambitious and achievable within the state's accountability context. The paper also provides practical guidance for state policymakers and designers of school accountability systems to set appropriate goals.

  • December 2017

States' Continued Commitment to Next-Generation Accountability Systems

Image of title page: States' Continued Commitment to Next-Generation Accountability Systems

In 2011, CCSSO, on behalf of the states, released a vision for accountability as laid out in nine accountability principles (the Principles). These Principles were intended to serve as the framework for advancing state accountability systems beyond the limitations of NCLB.