• February 2018

States Leading for Equity: Promising Practices Advancing the Equity Commitments

image of students cover

The States Leading for Equity report provides a brief overview of practices and policies states are currently engaging in to provide a stronger education for students. The purpose is not to advocate for one approach over another or to suggest that the work toward educational equity is complete.

  • November 2017

Resources to Support Equity Commitments

Once state chiefs and their leadership teams have selected commitments from the Leading for Equity: Opportunities for State Education Chiefs, they 
plan to implement, they can use this appendix with research, tools, and partners that can support their work

  • April 2017

Leadership Playbook for Chief State School Officers

In order to apply this model of values-based leadership to the job of running an SEA, CCSSO and a team from LRN engaged with a group of current and former chiefs to lay out what it looks like when chiefs most fully act as inspirational leaders.

  • October 2017

CCSSO 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

Image of CCSSO six goal areas

State education agencies, and those who lead them, play a critical role in ensuring that our schools and educators meet the needs of each student they serve. State chiefs are committed to each child—regardless of background—graduating ready for college, careers, and life.