Principles for Teacher Support and Evaluation Systems

States have an important role to play in making sure teachers have the support they need to fulfill their increasingly complex roles. The principles outlined here focus on developing teachers through support and evaluation systems. These principles are intended as a guide for state chiefs and their teams; the application of the principles will vary based on state contexts.


Principles in Practice: State Examples of Teacher Support and Evaluation Systems

State education chiefs across the country know that great teachers inspire, educate, and open doors of opportunity for children of all backgrounds. Achieving the aspiration of a great teacher in every classroom requires state leadership. States can create comprehensive teacher development systems that continuously improve over time, ensure equitable instruction to a diverse student body, and strike a balance between support and accountability.


ESSA Elevating School Leaders

The Council of Chief State School Officers developed this guide to help states use new funding opportunities available under the Every Student Succeeds Act to elevate school leadership statewide.