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TILSA Test Security: Lessons Learned by State Assessment Programs in Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Test Security Irregularities

Author(s)John Fremer and John Olson
Publication dateJune 2015
publication pdfPublication

The focus of the new report is on the lessons learned in states as they implement new policies and procedures to enhance the security of their assessments, and to bring together the latest information and resources on preventing, detecting, and investigating irregularities and improprieties. TILSA Test Security: Lessons Learned provides information on the following topics:

  • Prevention - Improving state policies and procedures, addressing Computer Based Testing/Online Assessments (CBT/OLA) issues, enhancing training materials, and improving the monitoring of test administrations
  • Detection - Successful implementation of data forensics in states, focusing on the validity of state assessment results for commonly used purposes, and appropriate uses of results from forensics analyses in states
  • Follow-up investigations - Planning for investigations and conducting investigations
  • General lessons learned in states - Planning, budgeting, legal issues, test security for accommodations and alternate assessments, and working with the media

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