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Summary of Significant Spending and Fiscal Rules in the Every Student Succeeds Act

Author(s)Melissa Junge and Sheara Krvaric
Publication dateFebruary 2016
publication pdfSummary of Significant Spending and Fiscal Rules in the Every Student Succeeds Act

Funding Stream Changes Under ESSA

What changes in funding streams will occur under the Every Student Succeeds Act? CCSSO's State Collaboratives on Assessment and Student Standards has released a document outlining the differences. This summary focuses on significant changes to spending and related fiscal rules under Title I, Part A (including 1003 and 1003A), Title II, Part A, Title III, Part A, Title IV, Part A, and Title VIII (general provisions).  To make the most of ESSA's changes states can:

  • Revisit spending policies:  ESSA permits SEAs, LEAs, and schools to use grant funds for a broad array of activities.  States can take this opportunity to revisit existing spending guidance, policies, and practices to make sure they reflect ESSA's spending options.
  • Revisit plans:  ESSA modifies existing planning requirements, and in some cases adds new requirements.  States can take this opportunity to streamline and align planning documents as much as possible.
  • Leverage federal programs to deliver meaningful technical assistance:  ESSA broadens the way student achievement is measured.  States can support LEAs and schools by developing guidance and other technical assistance tools that identify promising practices for improving student achievement, how those practices can be supported with federal funds, and ensuring monitoring and other oversight processes are aligned.  

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