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SDI FAQ Topic 2- Differentiated Supports & Interventions

Publication dateSeptember 2016
publication pdfSDI FAQ Topic 2- Differentiated Supports and Interventions

How could the state education agency differentiate supports?

State education agencies (SEAs) often use the results of a needs assessment or diagnostic tool to determine which supports would be useful to low-performing schools or districts. ESSA similarly requires that SEAs ensure local education agencies (LEAs) conduct a school-level needs assessment for comprehensive support and improvement schools.

How could the SEA provide supports to schools or districts?

Some SEAs provide support directly to schools, others provide supports to the districts, and some SEAs provide supports at both levels. Many states identify at the school level, but work at the school and district levels to build capacity across the system. In addition, some states provide supports directly to schools or districts, while others subcontract with regional offices of education or consultants. Supports are provided via on-site coaching, use of online portals, and telephone and video conferencing. In addition, supports are often provided via offered technical assistance, as opposed to mandating compliance requirements.

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