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Preliminary Review: CCSSO Strategic Initiatives Identified in State Phase 1 Race to the Top Applications

Author(s)CCSSO, Learning Point Associates
Publication dateApril 2010

This report is the result of a partnership between the Council of Chief State School Officers and Learning Point Associates. The impetus for this work is based upon our shared interest in gleaning information from the state proposal narratives that can potentially aid state education agencies (SEA) and our staff in understanding and supporting emerging SEA strategy and direction. The information in this report is categorized by CCSSO's strategic initiatives pertaining to the following: Education Workforce; Information Systems and Research; Next Generation Learners; and Standards, Assessment, and Accountability. Please note that the analysis was designed to give us more information about states' current status or future interest in work with respect to the four CCSSO initiative areas. The analysis only uses information that was contained in the proposals, does not make judgments on the quality of the state proposals, and is not designed to give insight as to whether states met the U.S. Department of Education Race to the Top application guidelines.