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A Quiet Crisis (Early Childhood) Policy Statement

Publication dateNovember 2009
publication pdf2009 A Quiet Crisis (Early Childhood) Policy Statement

Chiefs know that building a 21st-Century learning systems begins with a strong foundation of earlychildhood programs for all children. Equally important is the need to provide earlier, more sustained, intensive, enriched, and carefully sequenced early learning experiences to children who are most at risk, to overcome the odds that are stacked against them.

Chiefs are invigorated by the recent efforts to expand investment in the early years. We embrace the opportunity to be part of the solution by adopting an agenda that focuses on:

Building coherent, integrated state early childhood systems instead of a collection of categorical programs;

Defining policies and advocating for  funding to provide the highest of quality in all early childhood classrooms and settings;

Aligning the early childhood system with K-3 schooling and beyond;

Crafting a new state-federal fiscal and policy partnership to advance highquality early childhood learning opportunities for all children, with a concentration on those most at risk.