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Exploring Multiple Measure Dashboards

Publication dateApril 2016

A webinar series about state accountability systems under ESSA

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the Learning Policy Institute (LPI), and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) are excited to launch a webinar series on Multiple Measures Dashboards for state education agency leadership, including accountability directors and chief information officers. The webinar series will help states navigate the Every Student Succeeds Act's (ESSA) multiple measures accountability requirements by exploring data dashboard systems. Through this webinar series, participants will gain an understanding of data dashboards, explore various types of indicators that can feed into a dashboard -- including why states might select certain kinds of indicators and what are the opportunities and limitations therein -- and examine the design and technical considerations for implementing a dashboard monitoring system.

Webinar 1: Understanding Data Dashboards

Monday, May 2 1:00-2:30pm EST

Guest Presenters:

  • Linda Darling Hammond, Learning Policy Institute
  • Glen Price, California Department of Education
  • Bob Swiggum, Georgia Department of Education

What is a multiple measure dashboard, and how is it different from an index reporting system? In this webinar, we will explore the advantages of utilizing multiple measure dashboards as a strategy to advance a state's vision for an accountability system that drives continuous improvement.

Resources from this webinar:

Webinar 2: College & Career Readiness

Monday, May 9 1:00-2:30pm EST

Guest Presenter:

  • Ryan Reyna, Education Strategy Group

During this webinar, we will explore measures that can supplement student achievement and growth data and that can provide meaningful information about student readiness to transition into postsecondary education and the workforce.

Resources from this webinar:

Webinar 3: Equity

Thursday, May 19th 1:00-2:30pm EST 

Guest Presenter:

  • Charmaine Mercer, Learning Policy Institute
  • Chris Case & Patrick Halladay, Vermont Agency of Education
  • Kurt Kiefer, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Participants will explore different indicators that can provide information on various dimensions of equity such as access to resources, high quality curricula and learning environments, and high qualified teachers.

Resources from this webinar:

Webinar 4: Engagement, Climate & Deeper Learning

Thursday, June 2 1:00-2:30pm EST

Guest Presenters:

  • Katie Buckley, Transforming Education
  • Sara Bartolino Krachman, Transforming Education
  • Lisa Quay, Mindset Scholars Network
  • Amy Fowler, Vermont Agency of Education

Participants will look at a variety of indicators that provide information on school quality and student success such as student and parent engagement, school culture and climate and socio-emotional learning.

Resources from this webinar:

Webinar 5: Identifying Schools for Improvement

Thursday, July 7 1:00-2:00 pm EST

Guest Presenter:

  • Linda Darling-Hammond, Learning Policy Institute
  • Rebecca Holcombe, Vermont Agency of Education
  • Amy Fowler, Vermont Agency of Education
  • Carrie Heath Phillips, the Council of Chief State School Officers

Participants will explore decisions rules to identify schools for supports and intervention, as well as how data from multiple measures dashboards can be used to support continuous improvement and capacity building efforts.

 Resources from this webinar:

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