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Education Information Management Advisory Consortium (EIMAC)

The Education Information Management Advisory Consortium (EIMAC) is CCSSO's network of state education agency (SEA) officials tasked with data collection and reporting; information system management and design; and assessment coordination. This network has been in place at the Council since the 1960s and has been re-visioned at key times to meet the pressing needs of SEAs.

EIMAC Mission

The EIMAC mission is to influence and contribute to national and state policy related to:

  • data and technology systems management and strategy;
  • the use of educational data to support the Chief's policy priorities and reform strategies, to inform teaching and learning; and to meet federal reporting requirements.

The CCSSO Board of Directors asked that EIMAC:

  • promote and facilitate collective state action around integrated information, technology, and assessment systems,
  • assist states in the implementation of Common Education Data Standards that may lead to the development of more open source applications and the display/delivery of educational information to be used within and across state lines,
  • assist state education agencies in the design, implementation, and sustainability of statewide education information systems to enable collecting, reporting, and using education data,
  • help states use their information systems to assist in transforming our current education system to deliver on the promise to prepare every child for lifelong learning, meaningful work, and citizenship in the 21st century, and
  • provide state representatives with a forum to share and capture best practices, products, and processes in order to build state capacity around information management and data use.

EIMAC Vision

Our vision is that technology and information will be available and effectively used in our states to enhance student learning and success.

EIMAC CIO Network & Workgroups

  • CIO Network is a collaboration forum for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across EIMAC member states. The group will focus on CIO best practice including program/project management techniques, quality controls and practice, leadership engagement, and systems management and technology strategies. Please note: the Network is limited to the CIO (or similar role).
  • Advocacy: E-rate Implementation Workgroup will focus on fostering a relationship with the FCC that allows for feedback and assistance to states around the implementation of the E-rate Modernization program. As legislation is proposed or regulation reviewed, this group will serve as a resource for the CCSSO advocacy team to respond to testimony.
  •  Data Standards Implementation Workgroup provides information, guidance, and technical support to CIOs on the design, operation and management of data and information systems. 
  •  Instructional Improvement Systems Workgroup is intended to provide support for states as they develop systems of support for teaching and learning including Instructional Improvement Systems and Learning Management Systems.
  • Privacy & Security Workgroup will work to better coordinate, support and provide resources to EIMAC member states around data privacy, security and confidentiality.

Membership & Partner Information:

  • To learn more about the EIMAC membership, please click here.
  • To learn more about the EIMAC Partner program, please click here.


How to Join EIMAC:   

  • State Members: Fill out the online form for EIMAC here, sign digitally and submit it.
  • Partners: Fill out the online form for EIMAC here, sign digitally and submit it.
  • An invoice will be sent within five (5) business days of submitting your invoice request. 
  • If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance, please contact Kimberly Gondwe: